Buying Property Abroad


Properties for Vacation or Retirement

People work and save for years to buy their dream home, but often find it is not enough in today's economy. Buying property abroad becomes...


Buying an Island

The dream of owning an island has long been the goal of many people. It used to be possible only for the wealthiest of buyers,...


Foreign Vacation Home Income

Buyers in the real estate market have become much more aware of the income they can garner if they rent their vacation home to others,...


Building a New Home

The trend to move to a foreign location for a vacation or retirement home has been growing, and many families are interested. Some of them...


Learning the Language

Investing in a vacation or retirement home has long been a dream, but it should be approached rationally. There will be roadblocks that may not...


Exploring an Area

The digital age has made the world a smaller place, but it does not always replace firsthand knowledge. Before buying, it is a good idea...

One of the new trends in property acquisition is buying homes in areas such as Southeast Asia and Central America. This has become popular as property prices have increased greatly in many of the European and North American countries, and it stretches budgets much further. People with few hopes for a beachside vacation or retirement home now have the opportunity to acquire the property of their dreams. They often see this as an investment for their family or their future.

There are very few countries with regulations against foreign property investment because they see this as an economic plus for their small communities. Foreigners, even those who are retired, have money to spend in these areas. They tend to invest in the area economy and provide work for the local population. When their friends and family visit, they provide further economic support through tourism. Property buyers and local economies both flourish when foreign buyers invest in property abroad.